Overhead Rail Shot Blast Machine

The most flexible machine types, is designed for the economical and efficient
surface treatment of a variety of workpieces.

Cleaning for forged parts, pumps and fittings.
Decorative blasting for nonferrous metal surfaces.
Deburring for die casting and stamped parts, etc.

Can be loaded with another new batch of workpieces while machine is in being processed.
Quick turnaround and easy assembly.
Highly efficient blast wheels.
Automatic PLC control.
Multiple machine sizes and variations available.

Technical Data

Machine Type ORB-10/12 ORB-12/16 ORB-12/20
No. of blast wheels 2 2 3
No. of wheels and capacity (kW) 2×7.5 2×11 3×11
Max dia of workpiece batch (mm) 1000 1200 1200
Max height of workpiece (mm) 1200 1600 2000
Max weight of workpiece (kg) 250 350 500
Abrasive initial feeding(kg) 450 600 900
Electronic connection power (kW) 22 29 42

Photo & Drawing