Rubber Belt Tumble Blast Machine

Performs an even shot blasting of parts by gentle and constant tumbling of highly wear resistant rubber conveyor belt, offers favorable, convincing solutions for blast cleaning of small and medium size workpieces, in batch quantities.

Cleaning of iron castings and precision castings.
Descaling of forgings or heat-treated workpieces.
Surface finishing.

German design and drawing.
Highly efficient blast wheels.
Automatic PLC control.
Multiple machine sizes and variations available.

Technical Data

Machine Type TB200 TB300
No. of blast wheels 1 1
No. of wheels and capacity (kW) 1×7.5 1×11
Max. batch volume (m³) 0.103 0.187
Max. batch weight (kg) 100 300
Max. workpiece weight (kg) 10 15
Blast cabinet inside dimensions (mm) Φ610×900 Φ700×1088
Max. abrasive throughput (kg/min) 120 160
Installed power (kW) 11.35 16.2

Photo & Drawing