The official cooperation of VULKAN and CONLY started years ago. VULKAN is the international leader in the manufacture of non-rusting stainless steel shot and grit. The stainless steel shot product, CHRONITAL®, is an austenitic HIGH QUALITY cast stainless steel shot used for cleaning, deburring, descaling and surface finishing of a wide variety of aluminum and other non-ferrous alloy castings, molds and fabrications.

Chronital® is available in a very broad range of sizes. 0.002 to 0.1 inch, so that even aluminum die pressure parts can be deburred and their surfaces finished very economically with airless blasting systems. Blasting with Chronital® is helpful in the quality inspection of cast parts and provides surface finishing as well. After blasting, cast flaws and surface damages are very easily detectable, simply by fluorescing methods. Parts with grinding marks are then exposed in a casting with uniform surface finish.

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